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A quick How-to Tutorial in 4 simple steps!

1. Click 'add' to insert a location

Move the map around to focus the cross-hair on the address at which you want to create the new entry.

2. Provide important details

Provide a name and all the important details of the location. If this location is a Musallah or a mosque, click on Prayer room to choose from different options.

3. Add more information

If there are any other services available at a location, such as Arabic or Quran teaching services, you can add them as well!

4. Tap save and you're done!

Once you save your information, a new pin will show up on the map at the location. Please note that for every location you create, you can edit it any time by clicking the pin on the map.

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With Musallah, you can find and tag a bunch of useful spaces.

Prayer Room

Islamic Organization


Halal Food

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Islamic Clothing

Bonus Features

For convenience, you can also find "prayer timings" and "Qibla direction" on the go!

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